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Dario D'Attis

15:00 - 16:00 CET

The imprint was founded by Samuel Gmur and Adrian Wöllhaf, better known as Animal Trainer. Zurich is not only party capital of beautiful Switzerland, it is a habitat for talented and creative music producers and DJ´s. Hive Audio is a label providing those music heads an international platform for their creativity and sounds. Made by Animal Trainer & Dario D’Attis

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08:00 - 09:00 CET

Weorus, the monthly show from Romania's Dragosh, where he showcases the legendary deep, tech and minimal house sounds of the Eastern European country.

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Tom Flynn

02:00 - 03:00 CET

Night At The Black, is the radio show from Tom Flynn, where he has a quest to unearth new, old and rare records from any genre has gathered him thousands of global listeners. Tom’s ability to cultivate a sonic landscape has led to him playing at some of the most esteemed nightclubs in the world. His DJ sets are parallel to his productions, you never know what to expect. The ability to cross genres and bring a sense of musical freedom is what has earned him the respect and trust of music goers the world over.

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  • Monday 11th December


    Pioneer DJ Radio

    Coming up at 20H CET the Vibe Killers will be doing anything but killing the vibe, in the Killer Cast! Tune and rock out via

  • Monday 11th December


    Pioneer DJ Radio

    Lars Behrenroth is always working it when in the mix. Tune in at 14H CET and hear him laying down the grooves in the Deeper Shades of House Radio show.

  • Friday 8th December


    Pioneer DJ Radio

    Enjoy the forward thinking sounds of Dan McKie DJ/Producer in the 1980 Recordings radio show now on

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